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Manufacturer products presented on this web site are in no way recommended or endorsed by the American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association (AOPA), the www.LCodeSearch.com or any of its creators. The site contains recommendations on the most appropriate coding for particular products. Priorities have been assigned and observed in identifying the LCode that is linked with any device. If SADMERC, the official contractor of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), has identified a code which is reasonably construed as applying to a specific product, that determination has the highest priority and controls the code assignment. The second level of priority, applicable only if there is no SADMERC coding advice, arises if AOPA’s Coding and Reimbursement Committee has established an AOPA recommendation. In such instances, if there is such an AOPA recommendation, it will then take priority and is listed on this AOPA-operated site. If a company provides a recommended code that conflicts with the recommendation of the AOPA Coding and Reimbursement Committee, the committee recommendation will be the code listed.

AOPA acknowledges that the nature of its efforts on this site, and elsewhere, is to render reasonably accurate coding recommendations, and it is the nature of such advice to be conservative. It is entirely possible that other codes may be filed and paid by certain payors with respect to any product.

As the manufacturer whose product(s) is/are listed on this site, and in consideration of that listing, our company hereby waives any right to claim or dispute against AOPA or any other party relating to the code recommendation, or any claim whatsoever, associated with any and all of the products listed on www.LCodeSearch.com. The parties further explicitly acknowledge that code assignment and payor processing are inexact and non-scientific processes, and agree that any manufacturer, patient care facility, or other person who uses this site waives any and every claim of liability against either AOPA, or www.LCodeSearch.com or any of its creators or staff relating to potential assertions that a coding recommendation was inaccurate, or that a claim was unpaid, or underpaid, or resulted in government/payor compliance/enforcement action(s) arising as a result of a coding recommendation referenced in any way on this site. This mutually agreed waiver includes any and all possible damages, including but not limited to any foreseeable, reasonable, unreasonable or punitive damages, and any criminal or civil legal penalties or sanctions, purported to have arisen.

These coding recommendations are based on the functionality of the specific device selected when searching on the site. The web site does not consider the device in relation to other products on the market nor can the site consider the cost of providing the device or the possible level of reimbursement in making recommendations. Functionality and functional equivalency are the main criteria.

However, it should be noted that, regardless of the source of coding information and guidelines, the final responsibility for correct coding, within all established laws, rules, standards, and practices is the sole responsibility of the facility submitting the claim.

Neither AOPA nor www.LCodeSearch.com endorse, support or recommend the use of any particular manufacturer's products. Likewise, neither AOPA nor www.LCodeSearch.com or any of its staff sanction or approve manufacturer's claims about the function or reliability of these products.

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